Photos from a Trip to Cabo, Mexico 2014

Trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This was a trip to enjoy and witness my best friend’s wedding on the beach. We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Riu Palace in Cabo. Downtown Cabo and marina is about a three minute taxi ride away where all the shops and restaurants are located. The hotel is right on the beach, but you won't find anyone swimming due to the dangerous rip currents. At the water line the beach has a steep slope and the water depth quickly drops off. This causes a heavy beach break that can knock you off your feet and suck you right out. I did go for a swim wearing my swim fins and found it difficult to catch any waves and to stay in one spot. There are no lifeguards on the beach, but the hotel requires a person watch people who venture into the water and ask people who look like they can’t handle the conditions to vacate the water. There is a swimming beach closer to downtown which is about a good 10 minute stroll down the beach from the hotel.

There many choices when comes to getting around Cabo and surrounding area. The main means of transportation are taxis which the hotel can setup for you, but if you want more of an adventure and get a feel for the local vibe take the local bus. The bus was a bit confusing at first as we learned the hard way. There are two types of buses, a local bus that is pretty much an old school bus that travels very slowly and stops everywhere and then there is a larger commuter bus. I don’t recommend taking the local bus even though it is very cheap unless you have the time kill. However, the local bus runs a loop throughout Cabo and allows you to enjoy the company of the locals. The commuter bus is also inexpensive, but gets you to your destination quickly and I mean quickly. I don’t think they obey any speed limit. Plus they will pick you up anywhere on the road and I mean anywhere. We accidently got on the local bus and was like dang we are never going to get the surf breaks at this speed which is about 15 miles away. Little did we know that the bus wasn’t even going to take us that far out, so we got off at the last stop. We were like where do we get the commuter bus, then all we hear is a vehicle screeching to a halt in the middle of the four lane highway with a young guy yelling to us asking if we wanted a ride on the bus. We had to cross the crazy busy highway with our bodyboards and jump on the commuter bus. Along the way the bus stopped to pick up people on bridge with no shoulder with cars zinging by, now you know you’re in Mexico. Another good way to get around Cabo to take a water taxi, but because our hotel had a very steep beach they wouldn't stop there. You had to walk down the beach a long ways to get to a better beach without the heavy slope.

There are more than enough activities in Cabo to keep you busy. Here are some of the activities we did in Cabo and the surrounding region.

  • Boat Trip to the Arch and Beaches
  • Snorkling
  • Boat Trip
  • Snorkling
  • Swimming
  • Boat Trip

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